Meadows of Dan

First Ever Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and A Visit by Santa

Meadows of Dan is the township where James' grandparents and his aunt and uncle and their children live.  It is just off the Blue Ridge Parkway and sports a church and several very nice stores, a candy factory and a school.  It is a small town supporting agricultural and wood and other activities in the surrounding area.

Thanksgiving of 2009 was the first ever municipal Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, complete with hot cider, hot chocolate and Christmas carols.   Since James' uncle was in charge of Santa, and made sure he had a suitable red transport vehicle, our granddaughter Aubree and some of her cousins got to ride in Santa's carriage and throw candies at the crowd lining the road.

It was great fun, and the cold was kept at bay by the cider just fine!  I will just put some photos on this page to give you a feel for the festivities.  I believe they are self explanatory, so I'll leave aside any more chatter from me (except to apologize for the poor photo of the tree and people, the light contrasts were too much for me, and it was too dark and cold for me to experiment with different camera settings):

And that was the last Santa was seen that night.  No doubt he was happy to get back to the North Pole and his beloved reindeer and sleigh.  Here?  There was no snow, so what did you expect him to do, ride a horse?  Then where would the elves have ridden?  Too near the tail, for sure.

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