Family Home

PART ONE: The home in its setting.

The Quesinberry family home where James and Rachel live is literally a stone's throw from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  That's it, at the stopsign above the meadow surrounding the house:

Looking to the right shows the nearest neighbors in that direction:

The pasture is part of the property the house sits on, and at the bottom is a spring that feeds into the house and also feeds a small pond appreciated by the cows:

The cows were curious about us interlopers:

Looking in the opposite direction shows the adjoining neighbor's barn:

But I am teasing, not showing the house.  So here it is, all two stories with Rachel telling Audrey something about the view:

Let's go inside: here is the front room:

Thee large painting above the fireplace is a Dutch classic:

Upstairs hangs original family art, paintings of local scenes:

Since it was very cold out, and the wood stove in the kitchen was very hot, a lot of time was spent in the kitchen.  James and Audrey are enjoying the kitchen heat:

Outside and uphill across the street there was a small patch of pines:

There is nothing quite like a great sunset, this one seen from the house:

Good night!

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See a historic mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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See the deck that James built

See a small scenic canyon

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