Vienna in 2010


Flying toward Vienna, the clouds that had been below us over the ocean most all night finally broke well inland and snow was visible on the Austrian ground below us (first few photos):

That wing belongs to Austrian Airlines (exceptionally attentive service and great vegetarian special meals, but confining [coach] seats for someone my size).

As we neared Vienna, crossing the Danube south of the city to allow a northward landing, we entered “Lower Austria,” referring to elevation, and the snow disappeared from the ground.

Below it was almost Spring-like weather (locals said the weather had just changed that very weekend, great timing!).  Soon the flaps came down:

As we landed to the northeast I noted there were sizable mountains to the southwest.

They are peaks from the Alps.  From that eastern high point they get lower and lower coming north-eastward and terminate just north of Vienna in the Wienerwald (Vienna Woods) that we will visit (see link below),

If you want to get a better look at these eastern Alps, please see my Semmering pages.

In the past (2003) we had a very nice walk in the Vienna Woods to the southwest of Vienna, by Baden.  Baden is a place we will very briefly see again this trip also, but just to look at its plague monument this time (see link below).

Why a train trip just to look at a monument we have already seen in 2003? To allow a ‘compare-and-contrast’ with a similar monument in Vienna.  Similar, but also different, at one point leading into some discussion on the way Mary Magdalene is portrayed in a grotto on the Baden monument and in art. (See link[s] below.)

What else will we do this trip that is not related to work?  We will go on an underground boat ride! Yes we will.  We will visit the Seegrotte near Hinterbrühl, about 17 kilometers from Vienna (see link below).

If you must know my schedule: Monday was arrival day and to stay awake until evening I visited Vienna’s plague monument and the Wienerwald north of the city. Tuesday through Thursday were completely taken up with work at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Friday was my "play day” (a day & night at my own expense) so I spent it visiting the Seegrotte at Hinterbrühl and making a quick visit back to Baden.

Saturday I came home to Las Vegas.

So, here are the links to pages that document this trip’s non-work activities:

Go for a walk in the Wienerwald (Vienna Woods)

Go for an underground boat ride in the Seegrotte

Compare and contrast Vienna and Baden plague monuments

     Discuss paintings of Mary Magdalene in a grotto

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