Tejas Trail Walk

Part 3:  Views from the top of Lost Peak

The trail winds around Lost Peak until it comes to its south flank where there is a saddle:

We won't see the saddle, or divide, until we get back from the peak, which we reach by turning right where the last photo was taken.  The guide at the base says that Lost Peak is "off the trail." They were not kidding, it almost looks like there is a trail to follow:

But it quickly deteriorates and then there are a series of cliffs:

Rather than go back and do the more gentle slope that was there, I climbed a few little cliffs and happily found myself near the top:

A few minutes later I was at the top looking south toward the higher peaks of the range:

On the way up the peak from the side I already showed what there is to see to the north, where the Guadalupes end. Then, turning west, there are the Cornudas Mountains, created by rising magama, and in some cases forming volcanoes:

To the west-southwest is a salt flat I also saw from the highway coming up from El Paso:

South-southwest lie the highest peaks of the Guadalupe range. If you look real careful, just a bit right of center, you can see a peak above the Bush Mountain ridge.  That is probably Bartlett Peak, ~8,500 feet, third highest peak in the range and about 1,100 feet higher than where we are now.

Turning a bit to the southeast is the pine covered north slope of the ridge where McKittrick campground is located (seen from the other, sunny south side, that ridge is quite bare):

Turning just a bit further east is the direction we started from and you can see more of the top of McKittrick Canyon just over this first ridge to the right, the entry into that canyon lies at the foot of the ridge on the other side of the canyon, the one that turns right just beyond the central pine tree in the next photo:

Turning even further to the east shows the tapering of the Guadalupe Range toward Carlsbad to the east with an arm going north to make up the ridge that holds Sitting Bull Falls:

Whew, that is enough for one page, isn't it?  We'll start down the next page.

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