Sitting Bull Falls


Upper riparian area (springs!)

Did I tell you yet that this is my favorite part?  That I found this place to be magical?  OK, so now I did.

Coming down from the fence I heard and saw water.  Here were my first sights of lush vegetation and that magical medium: water!

I just can't get enough of these Madrone trees, they are so beautiful, I feel just like I am in love when I am around them.  They make me happy just by being (maybe I was one in a previous life?):

My brother, hwen he saw this page, suggested that these two youngsters were dancing whilst flinging off their bark.  Maybe so!

The next two photos show an opening in the rock that looks suspiciously like a spring, with water flowing out, but none coming in that I could see.  The vegetation in the water is also that typical of larger springs:

This spring, if that is what it is, sits next to where the T214 crossing of the creek is located (see PART NINE):

Since I cannot describe what I am seeing here in scientific terms, and you wouldn't want me to anyway, let me just show you the highlights of what I saw in this upper riparian area that impressed me, and leave it at that.  We'll start with the fecundity in full color ringing this large pond with a rock sitting up that is probably a great place for frogs to bask a while on a cool day:

The stream leading to this lagoon comes through clefts in this rock, where a tree hangs on, successfully:

Just a little way down from that tree it gets really colorful and lush:

That was the highlight of the trek, to me.  So now we head back up the trail.

Oh, before I go back up that dusty, rocky trail, please go on ahead.  I'll catch up.  Promise!

Let me have a moment alone here.  I really need to dance with and hug this tree.  But to do that I need privacy.  

I want to whisper to it how I really feel just being near it, and I don't yet know how I will react if I touch it and caress it.  Hence the need for privacy.  

If the meeting of our beings is all I hope it might be, you will hear a great Cosmic Sigh coming from these depths as you follow the path to the next PART.

It is a personal, private thing to lovingly hug a tree whom you feel may well hug and love you back.

You understand?  Thank you!  Bye for now!

>    >   >    >   ... . . . .  .  .  .   .   .   .    .    .    .     .      .     .      . "SIGH!"

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