Sitting Bull Falls


To the top and beyond


From the picnic area to the creek above the falls

On the way to the falls we saw the sign for Trail 68A, the "shortcut" to the top of the falls area.  Shortcut?  Yes, Trail 68 is the longer and less steep version.  The two meet after 1 mile on 68, and 0.6 miles on 68A.  Since we are tough, we choose the shorter, steeper route which offers some nice views along the way.

These are the very few photos I took while huffing and puffing my way up:

Of course the beauty of going up is to be able to look down at where you came from, and one spot, almost at the top, offered a good opportunity.  What you see blow is water flowing into the last lagoon pictured at the end of the previous page:

Once very near the top it was possible to get off the trail and get close to the secondary falls (but I was not in the sort of shape to be able to get to the main falls which requires serious rockclimbing skills and technical climbing equipment, in my estimation):

To see where the main falls start their fall, we go around this rock mass, back on the trail, and are presented with this scene of a stream coming out of a canyon with lagoons along the way and disappearing behind a large rock block.  We will first look at where it disappears through a cleft in that huge block of rock (over the main fall), and then move upstream:

There are pools here too, and they are accessible for wading, for example (I suggest shoes, not flip-flops, for both climbing and wading, the ranger told me they rescue a lot of people whose feet and ankles get seriously twisted with sweaty or wet flip-flops on --he was warning me since I had sandals on, the next worst thing, but I was very careful):

Looking upstream from here caused me to wonder what else there was to see of this stream, and could I get to the springs that were its source?  I did not follow the stream up at this point, it looked very difficult, so I got back on the trail which passes by this little canyon to its right.

To get past this little canyon area the trail rises, but then descends again to rejoin the creek:

We will follow the trail further in Subpart B of this page, Subpart A is getting too long.  Do not skip Subpart B if you have ever loved a tree.

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