Sitting Bull Falls


Lower Riparian Area

Nothing is quite as delightful as a well-watered garden in an unexpected place. The previous page gave a hint of what the pools at the bottom of the falls looked like, here we will explore them more.

The pools have life in them (fish and plants and insects) and around them, and there are pools in succession in roughly three bands which I call upper, middle and lower, starting at the falls.  The first and nearest set of pools consists of two pools, side by side, with a small wall dividing them:

A bit downstream the divider between these pools is wider:

This is my only attempt at taking a picture of the small fish in these pools:

The second upper pool is the most pleasing to the eye I believe:

The upper pools feed creeks that in turn feed other pools lower down in the canyon, like this one connect to the pool just shown and in turn feeding a trickle across this dam via a few cracks into the middle pool (shown next):

Some of the water from the main fall is in a stream that bypasses both the upper and middle pools shown so far, it comes out here and flows past the middle pool area against the back wall of the canyon into a set of lower pools.  To get to this area one crosses other places where, with higher flows, there is also flowing water, and in one place there is water flowing from the middle pond area to this stream at the back:

Here this stream at the back of the canyon completes its turn, and then fills an upper and a lower lagoon of its own.  The next sequence of photos shows the upper back lagoon and then its flowpath into the lower back lagoon, then the lower lagoon:

As much as I have enjoyed this area (I did not use nearly all the photos I took), it is high time to go a little higher so we head back to the tufa wall:  

We will next take the trail to the top!

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