Sitting Bull Falls


The Falls

As soon as we come to see the falls, we see that there are several, a main fall at the very end that seems like a roaring stream and some gentler smaller falls as well.  Through the vegetation, water is seeping and falling in a few places, but a large part of the tufa wall has just a thin sheet of water seeping across it:

As we keep approaching the falls, the main fall becomes more easy to see:

I was somewhat amused with the way the sun, which was shining directly at me whenever I faced the falls, was reflected inside my Kodak C-180 camera (my "pocket camera"):

I played with this silly image a bit and got it to change color with a slight change in angle:

I changed the angle some more by getting even closer to the falls to see the drops falling from the secondary falls:

Then I finally got close enough that the funky effect in my camera was gone, and at the same time I was now presented by Mother Nature with this very real rainbow-colors display in the spray!

All this falling water has to go somewhere, and what it did was create pools at the bottom of the falls:

These pools make up a sizable riparian area below the falls, and we will explore it on the next page!

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