Sitting Bull Falls


The top of Trail 68 near Queen

A few miles before you get to Queen (I think it was close to mile marker 18, between it and 19), there is a simple gate with a sign: the start of Trail 68!

We note that there has been rain a few days ago:

The trail continues:

To our left as we walk is Pat's Pond, swollen no doubt by the recent rain:

We go further down the trail and see the official Trailhead with its direction signs:

There is also a map here, with a black dot showing where we are, from which this portion was of some interest.  Although we have been on T68 a while, it is now no longer a road but just a trail:

The trail now follows along a fence

and we follow it until the landscape gives us that déjà- vu feeling: this is where we walked a week ago!

We then turn around, but stray from the path just a little to look at a flower:

We enjoy standing with some obviously happy vegetation on the last rise before we descent to the car again:

We walk east off the trail to look in that direction:

Then we return to the gate and see a towering cumulus growing in the distance, it was too late in the day for it to grow anymore, however:

Then, believe it or not, we are finally satisfied, and you can expect this to be the end of my Sitting Bull Falls coverage until there is a real big change in the weather, and the falls because of it.  

I will visit again just to soak in the place, but not to augment this website unless there is something truly out of the ordinary to picture and report, like snow, or like a great flood of water over the falls re-activating currently dormant fall areas.

Bye for now, hope you enjoyed accompanying me on this excursion .

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