Sitting Bull Falls


Queen, New Mexico, and the Guadalupes

When I turned around, reluctantly, on Trail 68, I promised myself I would be back to see what I missed.  A week later I drove to Queen and found the start of Trail 68 and went down to where I had turned around before.

We will get to Trail 68 soon enough, but Queen, New Mexico, is a very tiny community in a very nice setting at about 6,000 feet of elevation: a pinyon/juniper and scrub-oak forest setting.

Queen sports an all-important store and cafe and RV park:

It has a huge regional fire station with huge communications towers:

It has several houses and a nice set of trees by one house:

Queen is also the home of a monument to a local favorite son who apparently died in a plane crash near here.  He was called the flying paper-boy but was a multifaceted and accomplished person, and a very helpful person as well, hence the monument:

The Queen setting offers some great views, especially if you drive either east or west out of town just a few miles, like this view of the Guadalupes from about 7 miles east of the town:

Or this view of the Guadalupes from about 5 miles west:

And this view from about 6 miles west:

Now we are finally ready to find the trail and walk it, but I need to divide this page, it has too many photos on it if I don't.

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