Two Riparian Areas

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Location of A Spring-fed Stream

Near Blue Diamond, Nevada

If you take Nevada Highway 159, also known as Charleston Blvd., from Las Vegas west into the Red Rock Canyon Recreation Area, and keep going, you will go past the small, quaint town of Blue Diamond.

Once past the town, you will notice some trees on the right of the highway.  There is a very short dirt road into that area of trees.  There you can park by the city water supply tanks and walk south on the road.  Look for a barely perceptible trail off to your right (west) toward the thickest clump of trees and follow it.  Soon you will come to a tree root across the path:

"Blue" (a very gentle pit-lab-mix dog with a sense of humor was born with blue eyes, but they turned brown in just a few weeks) is looking at water:

We will take a nice walk in that water on the next page, but first we need to give a better indication of the setting of this riparian area.  We will do that by going south from the water, walking on its continuing but dry stream bed, and looking left (east) at the small mountain that signals the end of Red Rock Canyon:

Now, if we turn around and face west, and walk a few more steps, we see the other mountain that marks the south end of Red Rock Canyon:

What we have done is walked away from the water along the dry portion of the stream bed in which it flows, maybe a quarter mile, to take these last two pictures.  From this vantage point it is also a good view into the main part of Red Rock Canyon to our north:

In the bottom right of the above photo you may see Blue calmly waiting for me to finish my picture before he crosses in front of me.  Smart dog.

The stream bed I was mentioning looks like this when you walk south, away from where there is water:

But let's turn back to the water now, and take a nice wet-footed walk in it (the outside temperature was well over 90 Fahrenheit this day, so placing feet in cool water is a treat).

The dark area at the top of the streambed is where the water-flow ends.  We have now turned around and are walking back to the north in this stream-bed:

This is looking south from the stream to where the water-flow ends and sinks back underground (Audrey's feet are on dry ground):

Trixie is our great-granddog, a black Chihuahua, and she is tasting the water at the end of its run:

Both dogs followed me when I walked upstream a few more steps to see if I could see the main pond we saw at the beginning of our walk.  Trixie moved too fast to catch in a photo.  Is Blue (my age in dog years) slowing down?  No, he is just a ham whenever there is a camera around:

I did not want to cross over that water-diversion line so came back to approach the main pool from the west side, and then walk into the stream and go north a ways!  Sacrifice your shoes and come with us.

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