October 2010 Paris Visit


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Introduction to this Paris Visit

Did I get carried away with my picture taking this visit?  Yes.  But I was celebrating my return to Paris.

My last trip here, I was sure would be my last since my job --the one that sent me here for 25 years-- was ending.  As fate would have it, an opportunity came up for a new job, and the first thing they asked me to do is start going back to Paris, to these same meetings that have brought me here for so many years!  An unexpected blessing waiting just around the corner from what looked for a while to be a potential disaster for me and my family.

So I attended all my meetings, yes I did.  But I also took time off, at my own expense, to celebrate my newfound presence in the City of Light (and to spend a day in Blois).

This is the place where my meetings were (on the island of Issy-le-Moulineaux, named after Jean Moulineaux, a French resistance fighter in WW II):

To stay awake until bed time my first evening I did a whirlwind tour of my favorite haunts, which I will revisit on the next pages.

The second evening I took a Metro ride and then a walk to look at the Eiffel tower just for fun and to see if I could line up the full moon with the tower:

With unbelievably good weather, I knew this would be a great trip!

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