GRAZ ! A Three-Hour Tour

Part 1:  Getting there by train

Looking at the train route, I knew that I was going to ride the same scenic route I had taken a few years ago on a trip to the mountain resort town of Semmering. The rail at Semmering split into two, with the train I had taken previously to Semmering going off into the right side of a dual tunnel on its way to Venice (without me, of course).  

This time, the train took the left tunnel and we (the train and I) ground our way up the side of a mountain range, beyond which would lie Graz.

The train moved rather fast except when climbing, so opportunities for clear photos were very limited, most were useless, but I liked these:

That straight line in the photo above and below is a highway bridge, better shown in a 2005 photo.

The last two photos were also subjects of 2005 photos.

Alas and alack, this was my "stay-awake" adventure on my arrival day, and just as we got into higher elevations, I dozed off and woke up in Graz having missed the highest point on the journey!  

On the way back, several hours later, it was raining and very dark, so these were my only train photos.

But, not to worry, I did wake up in Graz and walked for several hours for my own benefit, but also to bring you some scenic shots from this scenic city.

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