McKittrick Canyon

An Exploration of Fall Colors in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

Part One (A): To the Pratt Cabin

Starting to encounter color

This is my second foray into McKittrick Canyon.  The link to my first entry is given on every page at the bottom.  

I deliberately started taking photos after I had passed where I had taken Texas madrone tree photos on my first (very short) visit:

Last time I fell in love with and could not get enough of the Texas madrones, a unique and rare tree I had never seen before.

But now it is fall and the madrones are evergreens, so they did not catch my eye this time [except when I admired their red berries a few times: bird food for winter].   I know: fickle!

Here is what caught my eye this time: oak,ash and maple in full fall-color display (and yes, red berries on the madrone)!  

Having an early sun helped add contrast to these photos, of course.  Later in the day there would have been a different aura about these trees.

Farther up the trail we approached another creek crossing (where that smaller green tree stands):

Past that crossing was another phenomenal color-cluster:

Of course there were other things to see too, like the progress we are making moving up the canyon:

Soon comes another creek crossing, with its own color display, and we will go there on the next page.


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PART ONE: To the Pratt Cabin

Page 1 A: Starting to encounter color

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Page 3 A: Above the Grotto area

Page 3 B: Some spectacular side canyons

Page 3 C: Switchbacks to the Notch

Page 3 D: The Notch and its views

PART FOUR: Beyond the Notch

Page 4 A: A tale of switchbacks and obstacles

Page 4 B: Up an additional 500 feet, is that all?

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