An Article from the Past!

Imagine my surprise when I received an invite to be friends with Ron van Kleef on Facebook.

This is the person I mentioned in the article on my mother's life (linked below) who was instrumental in our coming to the US.  

He was on Facebook, of course, looking for his childhood friend, my brother Jack, and I was happy to give him a phone number for Jack.

He sent me this copy of a newspaper article about our coming to College Station, Texas.  

Thanks, Ron! Somewhere along the way we seem to have lost our copy.  Stuff happens.

You have to really be motivated to try to read this, and it is not complete even if you do read what is there.  

It basically says that the congregation of the Presbyterian Church in College Station, Texas, thought of a unique compassionate service project: sponsor an immigrant family with special needs.

When they decided on this course of action they contacted the Church World Service to help them look for someone in refugee status that would be probably be somewhat compatible with the Presbyterian faith.

They looked at some Federal government list of persons granted refugee status and they found us, members of the Dutch Reformed Church, meaning we were fellow Calvinists and thus quite compatible.

How did we obtain refugee status?  Our father, a non-combatant civilian, was injured during American war action in Germany where he was a slave laborer.  

Ron van Kleef's father was also injured by Americans, and had found out that there existed a program for such persons, as long as they were capable of working, to come to the US as "refugees."  

Before moving to California Ron came by to say goodbye, and suggested we call about this program since he knew of our father's war injuries.  

The rest of the story can be read on our mother's life-story page (the first link below).

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