A Visit to Blois

Five Parts:

One: the Loire River

Two: into the Center

Three: a Cathedral and a Church

Four: a Royal Chateau

Five: the Gardens


the Loire River

Why start with the River Loire?  Remember that on my "France" page (linked below) I have a section on places important to Joan of Arc's life.  I have added a link to this page into that section.  Joan came here and was outfitted with her army and supplies.  The supplies were loaded on boats here at Blois, and Joan and her army waited here for their prayers to be answered for a strong west wind that would allow them to sail east for the 35 miles between here and Orleans.  The wind came, the fleet sailed to the east, Joan and her army fought like mad, and Orleans was liberated!

I did not see any signs indicating where this took place along the river so long ago.  It may have been on either side of the river, although more than likely it happened on the Blois --not the Sud-Blois-- side of the river.

This is a look from Blois to the Sud-Blois side of the river, to which we will walk so we can look back at the city:

Once across this bridge, I was attracted to a sign that said we were now in the pilgrimage route for the Saint Jacques de Compostelle (Santiago de Compostela) church in Spain:

Not far from this sign was a very somber one recounting the military and civilian dead after two World War II fights and bombing raids aimed at this bridge.  The higher civilian casualties were from an American bombing raid toward the end of the war:

On a more peaceful note, I liked the older ships anchored on this side of the river:

Looking west gave me a start, it was already raining lightly but it looked like there was heavier rain coming in (it looked more ominous in life than in this photo):

Now I am ready to go back into Blois and explore the center of town.  Here is one place I want to visit, the Cathedral Saint Louis:

The view a bit more to the left is dominated by the Royal Chateau (palace):

If you squint, you may be able to see a small church- spire in those trees in the center.  That is the church of Saint Vincent, another place we will visit:  

So let's go to town!

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