Dog Canyon, by Alamogordo


Part 1:     Flying to El Paso

I got me a nice window seat on my flight and although the air was a little dusty, the views were very nice.  The first view I found interesting was to see that the two sides of the new bridge in front of Hoover Dam have come together.  When my mother was alive we drove down to see the progress being made on this bridge every few weeks.  Hence my continuing interest:

Not too clear?  Try this one:

We flew south and the view of the river in its canyon below the dam is also interesting to me:

I also find it interesting to see where the muddy Colorado River waters flow into Lake Mead:

Soon we see the Colorado River exiting from the western end of the Grand Canyon (not the main part of the canyon, but interesting nevertheless, it is where the glass walkway is that takes you out over the canyon and lets you see a thousand feet down around your feet):

Here the canyon/river run almost north-south, and we follow it for a while:

Finally the river turns to the northeast in the next photo and flows (toward us) through the main Grand Canyon (which looks like almost a straight-line cut through the tree-covered plateau stretching off into the distance)

That is enough Grand Canyon and Colorado River stuff.  Next we spot the volcanoes just north of Flagstaff, Arizona (Flagstaff begins to the right in the next photo):

Since we were still flying almost due South, I started to watch for Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona, and found both!  Flagstaff lies below the volcano, and the large canyon that dumps out at Sedona is Oak Creek Canyon.  I have sevaral pages on this area, click here to go to Sedona and environs in 2003, and yet again (with a better camera) in 2008:

Since I really like Sedona, I tried for another picture of the town:

That's enough photos, I thought, and settled down until I spotted more snow below me:

I liked the looks of that central canyon: these are the White Mountains and that is the White River Canyon, I believe:

I took more photos, but will save some of the ones taken as we neared El Paso for another page.

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