Amargosa River at China Ranch

Part Five:     Return to China Ranch: a riot of life!

To follow along the creek is not easy, the path keeps its distance.  But there are several places where there is access to the edge of the bowl in which the creek flows and water rises into the surrounding soft sediment through capillary force and feeds plant life along its course in a most riotous fashion.  The bright spring colors were almost unbelievable :

The color contrasts between the lake-bottom sediments (the light colored rocks) and the rhyolitic volcanic (colorful) rocks against which they leaned in places, were nice to look at on the way back to the ranch:

By the time I took this photo I was on my last few swigs of water and began to feel the heat, so hurried up the gentle hill back to the ranch.  This looks like a long way, but it is only about a mile, or so:

Almost back to the ranch, I turned around and snapped this one, the base of that mountain in the background is the Death Valley boundary, and the path of the river lies below its base as it makes a right turn and heads north into the very bottom of Death Valley.

I very much enjoyed my return to the Amargosa River.  Hope you did too.

Background for this revisit, after 6 years

Walking from China Ranch into the Amargosa Canyon

A visit to Slot Canyon, across the river

Walking to the confluence of China Ranch Creek and the Amargosa River

Return to China Ranch: a riot of life!

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