Amargosa River at China Ranch

Part Four:    Walking to the confluence of China Ranch                      Creek and the Amargosa River

To come back to the trail required crossing the Amargosa River once more.  This time I chose a path with larger and drier rocks:

The river was a joy to behold, of course:

But I had to get back to the dry trail that would take me toward the confluence of the river and creek:

It took a while, but I finally saw where the river made its definitive westward turn:

The mesquite was too dense (thorns on every branch deterred me) to allow me to follow the ridge to where the creek flowed into the river on its other side.

It took some time and a little effort to get to a place where I could overlook the flow of the creek toward the convergence point (again from a distance, I was not willing to bleed copiously for a photo):

At this point I thought I detected the remnants of reinforcements for a railroad bridge across the creek:

Speaking of the railroad, there is a loading ramp here for ore, and an ore storage pile remnant for those interested in mining and railroad history:

What interested me was the great amount of erosion in this dry area, erosion that had carved huge gaps into the old railroad berm, like here:

But it is time to go back to China Ranch, and we will follow along the creek as much as we can.

Return to China Ranch: a riot of life!

Background for this revisit, after 6 years

Walking from China Ranch into the Amargosa Canyon

A visit to Slot Canyon, across the river

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