Amargosa River at China Ranch

Part Three:   A visit to Slot Canyon, across the river

We walk up the gravelly drainage toward the canyon. We walk with great anticipation: Slot Canyon promises a few moments of shade!

The shadows were so dark that I did not realize until I walked past this person in the darkness that she was likely to be in the picture!  (Said she didn't care if she was in the picture, OK.)

There were three more teenage person in the canyon, keeping cool, and climbing things I would never attempt to climb.

The canyon takes just a few turns and then is blocked by large stones (that two of the aforementioned teenage persons climbed, two were more sensible).


With sunlight on the floor, this may be the last turn:

Was expecting this to be the end, but the path skirted this chimney to the left:

But then it ended for me and two others:

the two more adventuresome ones went out the top and came safely back down a very severe slope beside the canyon.  Going out the canyon the way we came in gave some good views too:

Once back out, a view to the right was nice, and then we are off to see the river once more:

Walking to the confluence of China Ranch Creek and the Amargosa River

Background for this revisit, after 6 years

Walking from China Ranch into the Amargosa Canyon

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