Amargosa River at China Ranch

Part Two:     Walking from China Ranch into the                      Amargosa Canyon

The walk is beside the creek and about a mile in length to the first overviews of the river.  Where the creek flows there is riotous vegetation:

When the trail is really close to the creek, reeds dominate over the ubiquitous mesquite bushes and trees:

This trail heads straight to the river even though the creek veers to the left.  Note the vegetation change from the creekside to the non-creekside, perhaps that says something about how far underground water reaches away from the creek?

The trail has its curiosity moments:

Along the way we pass a 1903 bar, set up to service the miners and railroaders that camped here.  No doubt the cellar was their way of keeping liquid refreshments tolerable cool:

As we get closer to the river, there are side canyons coming into the China Ranch Creek drainage:

Sometimes it is nice to look back to China Ranch to see how far we have come:

After a few more ups and downs and turns we finally get our first views of the river basin and its canyons within canyons, where the river now flows.  Remnants of the old railroad berm are everywhere:

The area of dark volcanic rock across the river is our first fixed destination, Slot Canyon, but first we have to see and cross the river, which runs under the ledge in the next photo:

The river is here:

To cross it, using these rocks is advisable (to not muddy the water, so to speak) though not mandatory:

Once across the river we are headed to Slot Canyon, which requires yet another page.

A visit to Slot Canyon, across the river

Background for this revisit, after 6 years

Walking to the confluence of China Ranch Creek and the Amargosa River

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