Amargosa River at China Ranch

Part One:     Background for this revisit, after 5 years

My promise, in 2004, at the end of my visit to the Amargosa Canyon, was: I'll come back sometime and do more of this nice little canyon.  Only took me 6 years to keep that promise.

I noted that looking downriver from where I stopped on that 2004 excursion into the canyon, in front of a large "sentinel" rock, it seemed the canyon was more level.  So I turned back in front of this rock:

For the sake of "closure," I was very happy to see that rock again, in the distance, from the Amargosa River south of China Ranch:

Last time I was at China Ranch, in 2007, I did get a nice look at the confluence of China Ranch Creek and the Amargosa River, but from a considerable distance, so that did not really keep my 2004 promise:

On that 2007 page I again promised to come back, maybe that same year, but here I finally am, 3 years later.  Better late than never.

The river has now turned from flowing south to flowing west.  Just beyond the above photo, in the west, lie the Dumont Dunes, and the river flows past that sandy area to the mountain range in the distance. In front of that range the Amargosa River makes a long turn and begins its northward flow into Death Valley.  

In 2007 I did take a picture of the river-bed at the Dumont Dunes, but there was no flow there at the time:

I must confess that a highlight of my rather limited life was seeing water flowing in the Amargosa River in Death Valley, in 2005.  It flowed from the Amargosa Valley all the way to Badwater Basin in the very deepest part of Death Valley:

You should NOT get the impression from these links that I am the only Amargosa Canyon fan in the universe.  In fact, the Amargosa Conservancy was founded largely to preserve this river and its canyon, and it has a very good website.

And there are some people very interested in the historical railroad that was built and functioned here for some time.  One of them has a fabulously well- illustrated website on the topic.

In 2007, I took a picture of the trail that would take me from China Ranch into the Amargosa Canyon:

Now I am headed through that very same crack in the rock:

more on the next page.

Walking from China Ranch into the Amargosa Canyon

A visit to Slot Canyon, across the river

Walking to the confluence of China Ranch Creek and the Amargosa River

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